The place for anyone who wants to win Canadian contests!

LookContests.com has been built to help people who spend a lot of time entering contests.

Based on your age and province of residence, we'll figure out which contests you are eligible to enter. For each of these, we'll keep track of how many times you've entered, when you are next eligible to enter, and you can also record personal or public notes and reminders to help keep organized.

This activity takes place in a nice, easy to use application that eliminates a lot of the jumping from one site to the next. All you need to do is click on a contest name to bring up the site, enter the contest, then click on a button to indicate that you're done. It's easy! And then you're on to the next one in the list. When your list is empty, you're done for the day!

The end result is that you'll be able to enter more contests in less time. Why take chances that you'll miss a key entry for a prize that you'd love to win? Visit LookContests.com every day to make sure you've covered the bases.